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Shards Exhibition


SHARDS is proud to present its exhibition of art and sculpture from Wednesday 10th August to Wednesday 31st August 2016 at Bournemouth International Centre (BIC)

This centre offers a panoramic gallery upstairs, which can be viewed by thousands of members of the public who come to the BIC for shows and events of all kinds.

Private view evening
Details to be announced.

Exhibition Conditions
Please read carefully and retain for reference

Eligibility and number of submissions
The exhibition is open to all artists. All art work must be the original work of the artist. Photocopies, commercially produced prints, mosaics and laser copies of work, Diptyches and Triptyches are not acceptable. All art work should be for sale, please do not submit work that is ‘Not For Sale’. Artists are limited to three exhibits. All exhibits must be owned by the artist and cannot be entered by a third party or agent. Purpose made box canvasses are acceptable unframed, but ordinary canvasses without frames are not. Please check with organisers if in any doubt.

Sales and copyright
Commission of 20% will be deducted from sale price of all work by BIC and should be included and allowed for in sale price. Once the exhibition entry form is received by the organisers, any work passing the selection committee and then sold privately, prior to the exhibition, must be available for exhibiting. Submission and hanging fees will not be refunded. Works entered, but not handed in will not have submission and hanging fees refunded.

Copyright of all works should remain the property of the artist. Neither Shards or the BIC will be held responsible for any work exhibited by artist that infringes copyright law- the artist is held responsible for the originality of their work. NB: you may work from photographs provided you have sole permission to do so in writing, or are the copyright owner. You may not include work copied from published photographs. Source material must be available on request. Non-compliance may result in work not being accepted or removed from the exhibition.

Insurance and Responsibility
Although the BIC has a very high level of security, SHARDS cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage to artists work. Each artist must provide proof of public liability insurance, otherwise unfortunately their work will not be accepted. A copy of your public liability insurance certificate should be emailed along with images of your work.

Framing and preparation work
All work must be suitably framed with a cord ready for hanging, cord should not be visible above top of the picture, or be too tight and should be attached by ‘D’ rings. Clip frames or frames with unprotected glass edges are not acceptable, nor are mirror plates for hanging.

All works must be clearly labelled on the back (sculpture on the base, but not tied on), with the artist’s name, the work’s Title and Price. Work that is not properly secure or without means to hang, or in any way infringes the above will not be hung. All exhibits should be clean and ready to hang/display.

Delivery and collection
All exhibits must be delivered to the BIC in the BOURNE LOUNGE on the first floor at the top of the escalators on the 8th of August 2016, times to be confirmed. Paintings must be unpacked and wrappings must be taken away.

Sculptures should be taken to the BOURNE LOUNGE at the top of the escalators in the main foyer, and placed in their designated place, times to be confirmed.

Unsold work must be collected from the BIC on the evening of 31st of August, times to be confirmed. No work can be released early. You will receive separate notice of your delivery and collection times. Shards or the BIC will not accept responsibility for works uncollected.

Selection Procedure
The Shards Exhibition has become a prestigious annual event at the BIC and has gained the respect of the art fraternity and become sought after by artists. All submissions go before a selection panel.

The images of your art work are submitted to the panel anonymously, so they will be judged on their merit regardless of your name or previous success. Their decision is final.

The organisers will do their utmost to hang art work and display sculptures to their best advantage.

Sales of exhibits
Any art work sold must remain on show until the end of the exhibition.

To keep prices as low as possible for the artists we are not going to produce a brochure, or catalogue for the public. There will be a detailed catalogue for the BIC’s use. We suggest every artist provide A5 leaflets which will be displayed as close as possible to their exhibits, in a purpose made perspex display holder, which will have their name clearly marked on it.

The organisers will make sure these perspex leaflet holders are kept topped up, but should your holder start running low, we will give you as much notification as possible that we need more. Shards and the BIC will be promoting the exhibition to local magazines and newspapers, there will be flyer’s, banners and a promotional email sent to a data base of 94,000. Plus thousands of people pass through the BIC every week. This is a long running exhibition lasting 3 weeks, so your work will have maximum exposure.

Entry fees and sizes
Standard maximim permissible dimensions for 2D or 3D artwork are 100cm x 100cm. Submission fee £5 per exhibit.

Any artwork larger than 100cm x 100cm will incur an extra fee of £10 payable at the hanging fee stage (not submission stage).

Pricing must include VAT (if artist is VAT registered). Sale prices should be to the nearest pound.

On notification of your art work passing the selection committee the hanging fees will become due as well as oversize fees – and are as follows:

Hanging/display fees apply to 2 and 3d work – each exhibit is £20.

Submission procedure
All submissions must be made by the form which you can access from the link at the bottom of this page. Closing date for submissions is midnight 19th June 2016. Good quality photographs of 2D and/or 3D art work must be submitted separately by email to together with a copy of your public liability insurance. 3D art work should have 4 photographs showing front, back and both sides.

Submission fees must be paid direct into the Shards account at Barclays Bank. The account name is Shards. The account number is 53408841. The sort code is 20-96-96. You must reference the payment with your name so we can match your payment with your submission.

If you have any questions or concerns please email: Any important information will be emailed to you, but to keep administration down to a minimum we advise all entrants to join the Shards Facebook page for all updates.

We would like to wish you every success with your work and please feel free to tell as many people as possible about the exhibition and share on your social networking sites. Thank you.

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