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Request a Commission

Propose an Icon or Legend as a specially commissioned sculpture for yourself, your partner, your club or organisation.

Linda will produce a unique hand-finished sculpture according to the stages below.

Subject to your approval Linda will then consider producing a strictly limited edition of the same sculpture in bronze for sale in prestigious locations. If you agree to purchase the first bronze, Linda will reimburse ten percent of the sale proceeds of the remaining series to you so that not only have you the very first in the limited edition but you earn from the sale of the remainder.


  • Propose the name of the individual you would wish Linda to sculpt.
  • Indicate whether you wish for a fired clay sculpture or if you will wish to proceed to a bronze.
  • Linda will quote you for either work and await your approval.
  • Linda will propose the attitude and position of the portrait/figure that she recommends for the subject you select.
  • Agree this between you.
  • Pay the deposit (1/3rd of overall price), relevant to either clay or bronze.
  • Photos of initial blocked out sculpture sent to you for approval.
  • Photos of two thirds semi-finished artwork sent for approval.
  • Second 1/3rd of agreed fee paid.
  • Firing of clay or production of bronze instigated.
  • Once client receives their portrait final 3rd becomes due.

Request a Commission