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Linda’s sculptures of Icons and Legends are such faithful likenesses of the original characters that they have sometimes generated quite emotional responses from their friends and relatives.

Linda is so immersed in her work that an accolade from her subject’s friends and relations makes a huge difference to her satisfaction in producing these fine works of art – and incidentally – makes a huge difference for those who subsequently own one of the limited editions she produces.

To own a Linda Joyce sculpture with not only a certificate of authenticity, but also a letter of endorsement from the subject’s kin can really enhance both the experience and pleasure of those lucky enough to have the chance to acquire one.


At the auction of the very first ‘Amy Winehouse’ sculpture both of Amy’s parents were moved to comment.

Janis (Amy’s mother) in the presence of the Press and BBC, unveiled the sculpture on what would have been Amy’s 30th birthday and said that ‘it was just like her Amy’.

Linda said it had a similar effect on Mitch (Amy’s father) ‘It brought tears to Mitch’s eyes. I could tell he really loved it because he gave me a big hug!’

Linda was introduced to the buyer of the bronze which sold for £11,000 and said:

‘He bought it as a present for his partner. She was a beautiful woman who said it was a beautiful sculpture – now my sculpture has gone to a beautiful woman. I was told he is one of the UK’s wealthiest men who wanted to put the sculpture on his yacht. I’m absolutely thrilled and couldn’t have asked for more.’

endorsments x2



As Jimi Hendrix’s girlfriend, lover and confidante, Kathy Etchingham was privileged to share many of Jimi’s innermost thoughts and emotions. Who better therefore to endorse his sculpture than the person who understood the strength and vulnerability of this outstanding musical icon and who can recognise Linda’s interpretation of his character in her bronze. Every sculpture carries a copy of Kathy’s endorsement.


Iconic, legendary… and all yours.


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