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As nothing can emulate the style and character of the immortal subjects that Linda Joyce sculpts, so nothing can replicate the individually sculpted and finished works of art that reflect their charisma.

Linda Joyce, the internationally acclaimed sculptor, introduces a collection of strictly limited edition bronzes and sculptures that rekindle the energy and spirit of icons and legends who have left their mark in history.

Born in the years when many of the icons and legends she portrays were at the apogee of their lives, wild child Linda eventually realised her talent for creating in three dimensional form, the essence of those who would later become the keystones of our own lifetimes.

With a natural gift and intuitive eye, Linda polished her talent over the ensuing years. Other than a brief interlude in Frye Academy, Denn Haag, Linda honed her skills solely by applying self-motivation and stringent self-discipline to raise her talent to the level it has reached today where her work is no stranger to Harrods.

Linda has worked and travelled the world in the perfection of her art, sculpting throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Antipodes.

Her passion for dance lends itself to a reflection of movement and energy in the likenesses she creates and the individual finishing of every sculpture makes it truly unique.

With endorsement from the families of those she portrays and five figure sums being reached for her work, Linda’s star is in the ascendancy.

Linda is currently exhibiting, by special invitation, in the ‘Dangerous Women’ exhibition alongside Tracy Emin’s work at the world famous Russell Coates Museum

We believe that to own a work of art by Linda will soon carry the same kudos as having met the subject of the sculpture in person – except that only a very select few will only have this privilege.

Please browse these pages for an insight into her work or to propose a commission of your own lifetime hero for her to sculpt on your behalf.


Linda Russell Coates 1s

Linda checks her exhibit at the Russell Coates in the ‘Dangerous Women’ exhibition alongside other sculptors of our time

Iconic, legendary… and all yours.


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