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Speak to me…

Posted on Aug 19, 2014 by in Blog | 0 comments

The Press have taken to Marilyn even if Linda hasn’t quite finished with her. The bust that was unveiled at the recent event in Bournemouth Pavilion is yet to have its finishing touches applied which will impart the true essence of the star as Linda wishes to portray her. This will involve fine tuning some of her delicate features to ensure the Hollywood icon’s elusive expression is just right.

Linda says, ‘Marilyn is such a beautiful woman I need her to speak to me before I’m truly happy enough to send her to become a bronze. It’s such a fine balance between finding a true likeness and just missing her enduring translucence.’

Nevertheless, if the attention from the Press is anything to go by she’ll be a hit when she does eventually emerge from the foundry.

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