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Kathy keeps his memory alive

Posted on Jul 25, 2014 by in Homepage | 0 comments

I’m delighted to tell you that long time girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix, Kathy Etchingham, has chosen to endorse my sculpture of Jimi as a likeness that reflects the strength and vulnerability of her oh so talented boyfriend.

There’s no bigger accolade for my work than for someone so close to the subject of my sculptures to be so complimentary by wishing to put their name alongside the representation of someone who meant so much to them.

The picture is of Kathy in Jimi and Kathy’s Brook Street, London apartment. In recognition of Kathy’s gesture I’m donating a percentage of the profits from the Jimi bronzes to the refurbishment of the apartment which is now being undertaken by Handel House, so that a little bit of their lives together is preserved forever – perhaps in the same way that my bronze will also help keep his memory alive.